Tuesday, July 22, 2014

07222014 Tuesday WOD

Another one DNF (Did Not Finish)

400m Run

3 Rounds of
10 x Push Ups
10 x Sit ups
10 x Air Squats



Got to 135# in a Power Snatch

11 x Wall Balls @ 14#
11 x Step Ups with Kettlebell @ 44#
11 x KBS @ 44#
18 min time cap

I finished 6 rounds at 17:50.....

My only thoughts are the step ups messed me up...I was slow on those.  Wall balls and KBS were pretty much unbroken.  I was just very very slow on the step ups.  No other excuse.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

07202014 Sunday Lifting

Open Box Sunday means lifting!

Here is how the 2 hours just flew by....

* have been doing this consistently every time I know I am going to lift on my own.
Burgener Warm Up w/ empty bar
+ 20 air squats
3 rounds

Band stretches


75# x 10
95# x 10

135# x 3 (strict)
Push Press
185# - YAY!!!!
Very happy I got 185# for a triple.  It was HEAVY but yeah super happy!


135# x 10
155# x 10
185# x 5

5 x 3
with a belt, sitting at bottom for 2-3 seconds

Saturday, July 19, 2014

07192014 Saturday WOD

Busy Saturday!

I got in early to the box and wanted to get a little extra warm up in.

2K Row - 9:39 @ 2:28 split

Burgener Warm Up
+ 20 air squats
3 x of above

Band/PVC stretches

400m Run
3 rounds of:
1 min to complete 5 x burpees
1 min to complete 25 x KBS @ 44# (L3)
1 min to complete 100m run
total of 9 min


2 min max box jump/step up
I got 41...
We had to do it again..and if you did not DO BETTER you had to do 20 x burpees
my second time I got 45!!!  Yay no burpees.


Dumbell Thrusters @ 20#

Pull Ups @ box
I wanted to do 21  on the box and the rest via the band...but it was going to take too long
FINISHED - 11:47

My thrusters were as usual horrible. I am pretty sure 90% were no reps. I just don't have the mobility to do them correctly.  Bar or DB...

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

07162014 Another WOD Another DNF

In case you still don't know what DNF means...or #DNF etc...


it gets used in Crossfit workouts when you duh....dont finish.  Like I did today. I also did not finish yesterday.  Sigh...

3 x
10 x Squats
10 x Push Ups
10 x Jumping Jacks


V Ups in Tabata
I only got 35 because I cramped up. I should of drank more water...I knew I was in trouble after my 2nd set. I could feel it start to tighten. My left side of my belly just cramped and I had to stop.  Dehydration...the #1 reason you cramp. Horrible.

10 x Cleans @ L2 95#
15 x KBS @ L3 44#
20 x Box Jumps/step up
25 x Wall Balls @ L2 14#
2 min rest

30 min time cap
*got to about 26 min and we just skipped the break and tried our best to finish the workout.

I got to 10 Wall Balls on my last round.  Final Score - 4 rounds + 10 Wall balls

Ass Kicked....

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

07152014 1st Day Back WOD

If anyone noticed I have not logged a workout in a week...yup. Sad.
I went to visit my family over the weekend and basically ate all weekend.  I left on Thursday and came back on Sunday...not working out at all.


So I knew I was coming in today...and wanted to get a good WOD in so I could kickstart/jolt my system. Shock my fat ass back into a calorie burning furnace.  Well it worked.  Like all workouts, there were highs and lows.

Let me start with the HIGH!!!  WOOHOOO!!!  (claps all around for me)

400m Run
*today I tried a new strategy that seemed to work OK for me. I am a horrible runner and I hate it and I suck at it. I know you have to do it and I will bitch and moan forever but I will do it.  Anyways...I used to struggle and struggle trying to get a good pace.  Today I tried a new one...I know I am good for short bursts. Not a nice settled pace a literal burst. I will give you 10-15 seconds of 90%. So what do I do in that time? Make it the most efficient possible right?  Cover the most ground I can right? So that is what I did. Knowing I can only "run" for 10-15 seconds...I took nice long full strides so I could cover the most distance in the burst I have. It seemed to work. I will try to perfect and streamline this technique and see how it goes.

2 x
10 x sit ups
10 x scorpions
10 x mountain climbers
10 x squats



Deadlift work to 5RM
5 x 5
(drum roll please)
I got to 335# for my 5. I maybe could of went to 345 or 355. Maybe.  335# felt pretty good!  YAY FOR ME!!!

I had to enjoy this HIGH..and this great feeling of accomplishment because as soon as the WOD came it was game over.


25 x burpees
400m run
20 min cap

I DNF...I completed 3 rounds in 19:13

so yeah...not good but not terrible. I am happy I did 3 under 20 mins.

I am planning on coming back tomorrow...since I may not be able to come in on Thursday.  So check back and see if I make it in!

Sunday, July 6, 2014

07062014 Sunday WOD

Day 4 of my exercise crusade at the box.  Saving money and getting GAINZZZZZ!!!!

Went in and had some fun working on the many weaknesses....


Burgener Warm UP
20 x air squats

3 x of the above

3 x Muscle Cleans
3 x Strict Press
3 x Back Squat
3 x Overhead Squat
= 1

3 x 3 of the above

Empty Bar for warm up
then loads as follows:

65#, 75#, 95#

3 x Overhead Squat @ 95#
with a 2-3 second pause at the bottom
x 3

10 x Pull Ups
*just broken up. 3, 2, 2, 1,1,1

Tomorrow is rest day! Plan on going in one more time before Chicago!

Saturday, July 5, 2014

07052014 Saturday WOD

Third day in a row....tomorrow will be 4 days.

I have really tried to maximize my available time at the box.  I had a pretty open weekend with scattered events with friends and family but made sure I worked out each day...

Here is today's FUN WOD...insert sarcasm:

I got to the box an hour early to warm up.

I did the Burgener Warm Up with the empty bar x 4
In between each set I did 20 x Air Squats

400m Run

Kickball girls vs guys!


Max Effort Back Squat
I hit a PR!!!!
*I wore a belt
**I wore my new Rehband knee sleeves


Thrusters @ L2 - 65#
Pull Ups @ Box

Rx  - 95#
L3 -75#
L2 - 65#

10 min time cap

After class I wanted to deadlift...sooo..
Warm Up
135# x 10 (2)
225# x 5 (2)

275# x 2 EMOM for 6 Min

Felt good!  I have open gym tomorrow and plan on working on snatch and OHS and do this great complex I have planned.

Friday, July 4, 2014

Happy July 4th! - FILTHY FIFTY


July 4th 2014


WARM UP                                                                                                                                                                                                                
400m Run

Partner Stretches


400m run

Filthy 50
50 x for time
Box Jumps
Jumping Pull Ups
Kettle Bell Swings @ 44#
Push Press @ 45#
Wall Ball @ 14#
Walking Lunges
Knees to Elbows

via a Partner. Can only go on if your partner is done, only then can you move on.

35 min time cap
Me and my partner finished in 33 min!!!!

After class, I stayed after to lift.

5 x 5
95# warm up 5 x 2

Working Set

+ Fat Grips x 10

95# x 5 for 2 sets

3 x 3 w/ 3 sec pause on bottom


Thursday, July 3, 2014

07032014 Thursday WOD

Man...what a workout.

400m Run

2 x
10 x push ups
10 x squats
10 x sit ups

Front Squats
I got to 165# using straps to work on my front rack.  We were not allowed to use the cross arms "body builder" style.  So using the straps really helped me.


25 Burpees
90 x air squats
80 x sit ups
70 x jumping lunges
60 x supermans
50 x push ups
40 x kettlebell swings @ 443
30 x pull ups @ on a box
20 x plank up and downs
25 Burpees

25 min time cap

I finished my planks...but could not...did not get to my 25 burpees.

Not a good day...I hate not finishing the WOD.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

07012014 Tuesday WOD

I made a facebook post and I am going to start this blog with it...


Ugh...read it and weep.

400m Run

10 x Med Ball Squats @ 16#
10 x Russian Twist w/ Med Ball
10 x Scorpions


6 x C+J EMOM
Rx - 135#
L3 - 115#
L2 - 95#

I thought I could do it at L3....but I was wrong. I got to partial of minute 3 and had to lower the weight. I had to go to 95#. It was so heavy.  Coach WARNED US...to pick a weight we can complete...that is 60 reps of C+J...so you had to scale accordingly.  Coach said, NO ONE should dump the barbell.  If you cannot complete 6 reps unbroken it is too heavy.  A couple of my classmates went RX and had to do burpees for going to heavy. At 95# I was beat.  BEAT.  It was such a tough SKILL..OMG.  It sucked all my energy and pre-workout I drank. Oh man...


Cash in - 50 Sit Ups

30 x Supermans
30 x Air Squats
30 x Box Jumps

Cash out - 50 Sit Ups  *I had to do Russian Twists w/ a 15# Kettlebell

I did my first 50 situps and my belly CRAMPED up. I was writhing pain as my fat belly was cramping up. I had to switch to Russian Twists for the cash out. I am going to Google cramping in sit ups...It was pain.  It really slowed me down.

My air squats were pretty fast and and supermans were OK until the end.  The box step ups were moderate.  If the sit ups didnt literally cramp my style I could of finished faster.

20 min cap
Average time around 15 min
FINISHED - 16:27

Take Aways
Scale appropriately...seriously. I and my fellow classmates thought hey we can go heavier since there was no lifting in the WOD.  Simply right?  Nope.

Figure out how to avoid my stomach from cramping up and killing me on the gym floor.

Saturday, June 28, 2014

06282014 Saturday WOD

*before class - 4 x Burgener Warmup w/ Empty Bar 45#

400m Run

3 x 10
Goblet squats = 35# KB
Sit Ups
100m Run

Partner Stretches


1 rep max
Clean and Jerk
*I can jerk a touch over 200lbs.  But cleaning it off the floor is a whole other story.  Grabbing the weight off the rack already at shoulder level is way different than getting it up off the floor, to your shoulders and then over your head.



Renegade Rows *WITH PUSH UP!* - Rx 30lb DB, I also did partial on my knees
42 -30-18

Box Jump/Step Ups
200 - 400 - 600m Run

So you do each # in order.  21 Renegade Rows, 42 Box Jumps, 200m run. then next set you do 15 RR, 30 BJ and 400m run etc.

Time Cap - 20min
I DNF...I finished at 21:34

Main problem was the running as always.  The rows I used RX knowing I was going to hit my knees to finish the workout.  Box step ups are pretty consistent so nothing new there.

Finished with some snatch grip deads, high pulls and lastly pull ups.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

06262014 Dummy WOD

Sometimes you are just a dumbass....no excuses.

400m Run w/ Med Ball = 16#

2 Rounds
10 x squats
10 x push ups
10 x sit ups
10 x jumping jacks

30 x Cleans
Rx - 135#
L3 - 95#
I used 95# and finished in 1:44
Now...if I did Rx..how long would it of taken me? 10 min? 5 min?
*I may try this again with Rx weight and see how long it takes me.


Partner WOD
1 works
1 rests

100 wall balls @ 14#
200m run (together)
100 KBS @ 35#
200m run (together)
100 box jumps
50 burpees

OK...see that last movement?  50 x burpees...you how stupid I am?  I thought it was 100.  So I strategized the whole thing for 100. My partner and I got to 72 burpees until we realized we only had to do 50. EFF ME.

So stupid...I was so caught up on figuring out how to best do 100 reps I just did not pay attention to the wod. Lame...gotta be careful and pay attention.

Well either we are bad ass with 20 extra reps or stupid....

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

06242014 Tuesday WOD

Back at it....had the weekend off.  Took Friday, Saturday and Sunday off.  Gym had new floors put in so we could not train this weekend.

First day back..and it was baaaaaad.  Seriously the worst things for me, I could not of done worst..if you asked me hey..what would be the worst workout for you ever?  This may be it...not in intensity or cardio simply because of the movement...baaaaaad.  Here goes.

400m Run
Plank Cone Game - basically we had partners in the top of the push up slap hands alternating as music played and a plastic cone between us.  When the music stopped whoever did NOT grab the cone had to do 3 burpees.  I lost my first one and won the rest.  Yay for me!


Handstand Push Ups
since many people cannot do them we worked on form. We had the box to help people and I just did a handstand hold.  I need to practice it more as I was way uncomfortable in a handstand.  Sad...I can do it wall walk style but I cannot do it ass to wall.  Basically I am better at HSPU when chest to wall vs the real way of ass to wall.  I am going to add Handstand holds to my practice sessions now. I need to stay and be comfy upside down.


15 Thrusters
400m Run

**seriously...really?  I basically cannot do thrusters...and then make me run!  ugh...horrible.

I finished in 23:03 and I will freely admit..my thrusters were HORRIBLE...and probably 1/2 were no rep. it was bad.  Oh and forget about my run/walk/jog/walk...it was not so good.

The only saving grace was the weight was light enough that I could do the 15 reps unbroken or at least not have to drop the bar. Otherwise it would of taken 45 mins...man so bad.

Rx was 95#, L3 was 75# and I used L2 at 65#.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

06192014 Thursday WOD

3rd night in a row!  YAY!

400m Run

5 x 5
*yes that is correct.  So what? I cant do thrusters...ugh.

10 Rounds For Time

10 x Kettle bell Lunges
10 x Push Ups
10 x Box Jump Overs
20 min time cap

Rx - 53# KB
L3 - 44# KB

Finished - 18:24 @ L3 (44#)

I will state publicly....my lunges were bad. Probably many many #noreps for sure. I know my lunges were very very bad.
But my strategy worked. My push ups were unbroken and actually my step overs were 90% unbroken.  I kept a steady pace and just kept going. I only rested when I was done.  It worked. The last set, I sprinted. Push ups were fast and my jump overs were fast. I maybe should of sprinted the last 2.  I am happy...my strategy actually worked.

Now time to rest after 3 days of nightly WODs!

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

06182014 WOD - Make Up

Mini redemption today...I at least finished the WOD under the time cap.
I feel better...I scaled correctly.

400m Run

3 Rounds
10 x wall squats
10 x push ups
10 x russian twists w 16# med ball
10 x med ball squats

Partner stretches

4 Rounds For Time
30 x sit ups
30 x supermans
*I would/could of gotten a better time. My stomach was about to cramp up. I felt a clamp come across my stomach so I had to slow it down alot.  I finished without a cramp but I slowed down alot.

Clean and Jerks (L2)
Pull Ups (box pull ups)
Rx - 135#
L3 - 115#
L2 - 95#
*After last night...I did not want to do the same thing. I probably could of done it at 115# and it would of been a true "challenge."  I went one lower to 95# so I can finish. I also did my pull ups off the box so I can get it done.

TIME CAP 12:00

The box is closed this weekend so I am going to go again tomorrow to get in one extra workout this week. Hope I can make it tomorrow.

I am just happy I finished...I need to finish tonight.

Thanks to my HPCF family that asked about my back from last night. Feels good to have people care for you and concerned.  Kinda made my evening that much better.